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Would you like to have a Preventive Medical Examination (PME) carried out within your organisation? Vital Solutions is an expert in carrying out preventive medical examinations for all kind of organisations:

✔ Always a super sharp rate (we are up to 40% cheaper than national providers)

✔ 100% custom-made examinations (60+ questionnaires, tailored to your organisation)

✔ 1 on 1 consultation, including specific tips and advice

✔ Questionnaires and surveys in both English and Dutch

With our easy-going approach and enthusiastic and clear communication, we’ve already helped thousands of employees to improve their physical and mental health with a preventive medical examination.

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The content of a basic PME

Many organisations opt for a basic (physical) PME. This is an examination in which both the physical and mental health of employees is taken into account. A basic examination includes the following:

  • Custom-made questionnaires (choose from more than 60 questionnaires)
  • Extensive blood tests (HDL and LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose levels)
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Body composition (body mass index, fat, muscle and body water percentage), waist circumference and visceral fat level
  • Spirometry
  • Grip strength
  • Cardiovascular risk assessment
  • Metabolic age
  • Personal consultation
  • Feedback via an online environment

Besides the basic PME, it is possible to carry out various additional examinations.


Which preventive medical examination is suitable for my organisation?


Physical preventive medical examination

The physical preventive medical examination often consists of a combination of a digital questionnaire and a physical examination. This includes extensive physical tests, like a pulmonary function test, cardiovascular risk assessment an blood tests. We also look at the stress of the employee and the degree of work pressure. You can always add additional modules. Finally, each physical preventive medical examination is concluded with a personal consultation.


Online PME

An online PME is a digital version of the preventive medical examination. In short, it is the best way to comply with the obligations under the Working Conditions Act during the COVID-19 pandemic. Focal points are determined together with the client and the working group. These points are then covered in a digital questionnaire.


PME exam at home

With the PME exam at home, employees can carry out the examination at home. Employees receive an extensive self-test, which they can use to do a blood test, a liver and kidney function test and more. A blood pressure monitor is also included. They can enter the results into an online portal. Concrete lifestyles will also be visible immediately in this online environment. If desired, the examination can be concluded with a personal consultation.

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Examinations Physical preventive medical examination PME exam at home Online PME
PME questionnaires
Online portal
PME management report
Individual report
Extensive blood tests
Blood pressure measurement
Body composition
Metabolic age
Cardiovascular risk assessment
Grip strength
Vision test (optional)
Electrocardiogram (optional)
Audiometry (optional)
Liver and kidney function test (optional) 
Body movement research (optional)
Physiotherapy screening (optional)
Ergometry (optial)
Foot exam (optional)
Extensive pulmonary function test (optional)
mandatory periodic preventive medical examination

Is a preventive medical examination mandatory?

A periodic preventive medical examination is a mandatory part of the Working Conditions Act. Organisations are obliged to provide this examination to their employees periodically. This means that every employer is obliged to offer its employees a PME exam, regardless of the size of the organisation. What kind of examinations you have to provide exactly, depends on the risks within your organisation.

The preventive medical examination not only helps employees to gain insight into their own physical and mental health, but also helps organisations to identify possible bottlenecks.

Reduce sick leave with a preventive medical examination

There are many benefits to having a periodic medical examination carried out. Physical and mental problems are identified in time and a suitable plan of action can be drawn up immediately. This prevents long-term absenteeism in the future. Furthermore, many employees appreciate that their health is taken seriously by the organisation that they work for. This in turn leads to more motivation among employees and increases the overall satisfaction among employees. Because our PME’s are always tailor-made, we are able to achieve the most effective results.

Would you like to know more about what Vital Solutions can do for your organisation and are you curious about how you can reduce sick leave? Request our free information package and receive information about vitality programs, preventive medical examination and corresponding rates.


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